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Sustainable City – 1800ForBail
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Sustainable City

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I have been very interested in the idea of sustainability for quite some time now. Over the Christmas break of 2017, I had the opportunity to go to Sustainable City (a net-zero energy development in Dubai) for an internship. Here I learnt about the integration of solar panels to charge the electric vehicles and provide electricity for the houses, and many other buildings, including a school. I was very fascinated with the technology and I thought it was a great alternative for the provision of electricity, as they showed me by how much bills, and grid electricity, were cut down because of it.

Sustainable City gave me a lot of insight into what a potential renewable future could look like for the world. What I found particularly interesting was the absence of cars. Most residents living in the Sustainable city leave their car in the parking lot outside the city, and walk everywhere, or take electric buggies that are charged by solar energy at electric parking stations. It isn’t a choice as to whether cars are allowed or not: the clusters are made to be car-free zones and so are only accessible on foot or by electric buggies through the roads that link the city together. I was also made aware that the Sustainable City will soon launch an EV car sharing program to encourage its residents to discover solar-powered electric mobility and to leave their other car behind.

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