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‘THE ENERGIZE INITIATIVE’ is a project I spearheaded that is extremely close to my heart. It intersects my passions for engineering, business and community service.

I was inspired by Mr Harish Hande, a winner of the Zayed Future Energy award whose organisation, The SELCO Foundation works on providing sustainable and renewable energy solutions to the underprivileged. SELCO had launched a ‘Smart Anganwadi Pilot Program’ which I was very keen to be a part of.

Interning with SELCO during the summer of 2018, I learnt the basics of solar panels, conducting a need-based assessment and designing solar systems for a Learning Center for children in an impoverished rural area in Karnataka. Fascinatingly enough, they also provided tablets to educate the children in many subjects including sustainability and its importance. Returning to Dubai, I was excited to convert what I learnt and execute a similar project.

VATSALYA, a home for street children in Mumbai, India is a charity I have been associated with since 2012 to provide educational solutions for the children. I learnt that VATSALYA had recently adopted 20 impoverished villages in Maharashtra, which lacked electricity and abounded in illiteracy.


Leading ‘The ENERGIZE INITIATIVE’, I am excited to pay it forward and act as a bridge to fundraise, devise a business model and customize solar solutions, from SELCO to the villages of VATSALYA. I have solarized a humble 5 learning centres in villages in Shahapur and Kasara – namely Bersingipada, Sekatpada, Bondarpada, Kolipada and Telampada. I’m conducting an optimistic second round of fundraising in November to solarize fifteen more. I’m currently also working on a business model to incorporate each family’s need and solarize houses in the village.

In their ‘Smart Anganwadi Pilot Program’, The Selco Foundation not only delivered a solar unit to the centers, but they also provided tablets to educate the children in many subjects including sustainability and its importance. Personally, I would like to further incorporate this for the children under The Vatsalya Foundation’s umbrella as change is definite, education is the right of every child and lessons in sustainability create a generation of the future.

Project Report – The Energize Initiative

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